Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blog Post 10

"Michelle Obama, most definetely" was the answer given when Macy's fashion director Nicole Fischelis was asked, "If you could choose any woman in the world to wear Macy's dresses for a week, who would it be?"

In spite of the recession, Michelle Obama's outfits have been flying off the shelfs. The $148 dress, 11 months after Obama wore it on The View is still hot and selling out. The dress sold out at the 327-store chain within 48 hours of her appearance; later, shoppers were willing to endure a 2½-month waiting list just to have their hands on it.

No retailer owes more to the First Lady than J. Crew. In October, amid the Sarah Palin $150,000 wardrobe scandal, Obama wore a $340 J. Crew set on the Tonight Show. "Ladies, we know J. Crew," she said to the studio audience. J. Crew's Web traffic shot up 64% the next day, and the yellow blouse, cardigan and skirt she wore on the show sold out immediately.

Michelle Obama to the RESCUE!!!!!!!!!! Blog Post 9

Just when we thought Michelle Obama was doing it all, she surprises us again. Ms Michelle will not be featured in a new biographical comic book titled Female Force: Michelle Obama ( once again, YOU GO GIRL!)

This comic book is the third in the series - the first two feature Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, which, both have done well and are in their third print run. Obama's comic is expected to outsell them both. My only question is, WHAT TOOK YA'LL SO LONG?.

Michelle real life super powers will be included. Her great fashion sense, balance of work and family, professionalism and intelligence. I mean seriously who needs Flying Power and Laser eyes when you are already have great strengths instilled inside you?

um ME! I would love to fly and have laser eyess. lol. It would save me alot of money gas wise and I have killer eys! ahahaha.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

you go girl! blog post 8

Michelle Obama is one of those people who you can either love or hate. I love her and according to a new survey Michelle Obama is now more popular than her husband. Wait, what?

"Topping Barack Obama’s personal favorability ratings is not easy. A new report from the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found 73 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of the President. Even 46 percent of Republicans say they have a favorable view of him, while 96 percent of Democrats hold Obama in high personal esteem" according to the Christian science monitor.

Michelle Obama is now viewed favorably by 76 percent of the public — up from 68 percent in early January.

Classy, nice, intelligent, and strong were the descriptions most frequently used by poll respondents when talking about Mrs. Obama.

All I can say is, You go girl!! **wooot! woot!** lol

No funny picture today guys...

Michelle Obama is growing... plants that is. Blog Post 7

If I was not hungry before, I sure am hungry now after reading my google alert about Michelle Obamas garden. Lately Ms Obama has been planting healthy delicious foods with over fifty-five kinds of vegetables, including spinach (YUM!!!), peppers, arugula, kale, collards, carrots, okra and tomatoes. Gosh, I officially want a salad now.

The garden will also produce blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, along with herbs including rosemary, thyme and oregano.

"A real, delicious heirloom tomato is one of the sweetest things you'll ever eat," Michelle raved.

Michelle Obama was seen planting herbs in her garden with local fifth graders from Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, D.C (those lucky kids...) and urging people to plant gardens due to the health and cost benefits.

The same school kids will return in fall t help with the harvest, and to learn to cook with the fresh organic veggies. Please Michelle... 1invite me! I can't promise I won't eat everything (including the other kids meals) but hey!

So what you do think? Is Michelle encouraging people to plant gardens? I mean I, personally, would love to plant a garden but heck with my busy schedule , I can barely remember to water my Ivy plant and keep it alive.
Hey, if I was lucky enough to be invited to the healthy-veggie Dinner, I would be looking like Obama too!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

you lucky dog you...

It's official, dogs everywhere (excluding my lovely pup, bailey) have someone to be envious of....

Bo, an adorable 6 month Portuguese Water Dog has made the white house his new home.

Michelle Obama had said their choice was down to either a Portuguese water dog or a Labradoodle because they were considered good pets for kids who have allergies like cute little Malia.

Already, I can tell the dog is destined for stardom. The way he drags the Obama's across the lawn and coordinates with Michelle Obama's attire has celebrity written all over him!

In this picture, the pup strikes a pose for the cameras but unfortunately does not answer any questions.

and of course, Bo is already running away from the paparazzi. I guess all celebrities (including their pets) need their privacy!

and of course, I leave you with another funny picture! Bo dragging Obama (in a suit?!!) across the grass. ahaha priceless. Will the Obama's soon be featured on the dog whisper? I hope not, you are now a role model Bo! Dogs everywhere will look up to you!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michelle denies being pregnant, again.

It seems these days the most popular trend is being pregnant. Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Gwen Steffani and Michelle Obama Wait, what? Our first lady pregnant? In the April Issue of the O Magazine, Oprah talks to Michelle about the pregnancy gossip and kills the rumors.

"Not pregnant. And not planning on it." states Michelle in the interview with Oprah. Seriously, who doesn't love Oprah? I mean who else could ask our first lady if she was pregnant and get away with it?!

Reportedly, Michelle has been sporting dresses that show her baby bump like here and here. I personally just think its the fabric in the dress (or the fact that shes 44 and has two children) Seriously, we need better rumors... way better rumors.

But on a lighter note, I share this extremely funny picture (at least to me) of Obama with someones baby. ahahahah. I can only imagine what that baby is doing to cause Obama to look so er um surprised?

So what do you think? Does the pictures look like a baby bump or just another failed attempt to spread gossip about our lovely first lady?